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Lost Ark is Here!

Lost Ark is finally here! We are on server Andrinne. Come Join Us!

Don’t forget to sign up and check the forums sections for guides and tips for Lost Ark!

Atlas is almost here!

Many of us will be playing Atlas on the Dec 21st release! Join us on discord!

More info on the game can be found here:

Darkfall: New City!

Ontop of the hamlet we already own. We also now own Frost Coast city! It is on Niff around a few higher tier mobs. It is a great place for farming mobs and defense due to its structure once walls are up. Feel free to stop by and check out the holding!

Darkfall: Hamlet Updates

We finally have the quarry built in the hamlet. Feel free to hit it when you please. We just ask you donate the stone back into hamlet clan bank so we can build up more nodes. You can keep the regs! Next on the list to be built is farm, upgrade to clan smithy and then a guard tower to help keep the reds out! We need A LOT of stone and wood so any donations are appreciated!

Darkfall: Update News

Darkfall will be releasing one of the bigger patches we have been waiting for this weekend. This patch includes, local banking, titles and markets! Make sure to read up on most recent announcements:,3.0.html

Ark: Server Move Yet Again…

We have moved to a less trollish server. We are now on NA-TheCenter578.

Message in game or on steam for base locations.

Ark: Server Move

We have moved servers. We are now on NA-ScorchedEarth784.  We are near the red ob. Hit us up in game for an invite!

Ark: Gaming

We few members are now playing ARK. Feel free to join us!

We are playing as CODE on (NA-ScorchedEarth742) Official server.

Hit us up in game or on the forums for location info.

Darkfall: Free Weeks Extended

New Dawn just noticed that they will be extending the free period to the 25th of July. Enjoy the extra time!

Darkfall: Free 3 Week Stress Test

Darkfall is opening their servers to the public for a 3 week stress test. After the first 3 weeks, access to the game will continue only by subscriptions. It will cost $10/month to play in the indev server which will last 9 months, after which the servers will be wiped and subscription cost raised to the normal amount of $15/month. like normal MMO’s.

Join up with us know, test out how you like the game before you decide to buy it!

Read more about it on the Darkfall forums