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Did You Know?

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Welcome to the Code404 Community Website!

Code404 is a muti-gaming community. We are relaxed laid back group of people that are just here to play games and enjoy it.

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We attempt to provide a link between the ungrouped gamers to the grouped gamers. We provide the tools for communications and a central hub for players to get together and game.

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Some of members may enjoy dedicating all their play time to one game for an extended period of time, while other users may like to play quite a few games depending on their moods. As a community, we aim to create groups for all different games and gamer styles, including; MMO's, FPS's and RTS's. The player bases ranges to anything from The Causal Player, The Hardcore Player, The Lone Wolf, The Lazy Bum, The Drunk, The PVP'er and The PVE'er, etc.. Players shouldn't have a hard time finding a place with us!

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This site is mainly intended to be community driven. We just provide the tools for communications and a central hub for players to join together from, this includes voice communications, gaming forums, subscription notifications, gaming updatesnew releases etc... All your gaming needs in one location.

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We used discord for our general communications! Join us!

Feel free to download the discord desktop app (recommended), or to use the webapp with no downloads required!

Start by selecting the link button below for your invitation to join the channel and sign up for a discord account.



  • Code404 News

    • Ark: Server Move Yet Again…

      10:07 pm By Andro Bourne
      We have moved to a less trollish server. We are now on NA-TheCenter578. Message in game or on steam for base locations. Read More »
    • Ark: Server Move

      8:50 pm By Andro Bourne
      We have moved servers. We are now on NA-ScorchedEarth784.  We are near the red ob. Hit us up in game for an invite! Read More »
    • Ark: Gaming

      3:51 am By Andro Bourne
      We few members are now playing ARK. Feel free to join us! We are playing as CODE on (NA-ScorchedEarth742) Official server. Hit us up in game or on the forums for location info. Read More »
    • Darkfall: Free Weeks Extended

      1:45 am By Andro Bourne
      New Dawn just noticed that they will be extending the free period to the 25th of July. Enjoy the extra time! Read More »
    • Darkfall: Free 3 Week Stress Test

      10:11 pm By Andro Bourne
      Darkfall is opening their servers to the public for a 3 week stress test. After the first 3 weeks, access to the game will continue only by subscriptions. It will cost $10/month to play in the indev server which will last 9 months, after which the servers will be wiped Read More »
    • Darkfall: City Building Update

      10:00 pm By Andro Bourne
      We have completed building of the clan bank, work bench and a merchant. We are planning on adding a house and a oven in the next few days to unlock more crafting stations we can build. We are in need of timber and stone, please donate if you can! Read More »
    • Darkfall: Holding Obtained!

      9:54 pm By Andro Bourne
      Have have recently obtained a new city for the clan! (with a mine and a farm). City location can either be seen once joined to the CODE clan in game on the map, or or can be found on the forums so login and check it out! Read More »