Did You Know?

Did You Know?

You can have your own media featured on this site? Its one of the perks of being a member! Sign up now and submit your media requests on the multimedia section page of the forums for a chance to be featured on our site! Click Here To Learn More »


Recruitment Policy

Code404 has an open recruitment policy. We do not reject anyone unless they have proven themselves to be troublesome for the community.

All applicants must sign up on the Code404 community registration page to officially be considered part of the community.

Signing Up Benefits

1. Access to Code404 community forums page.

2. Options to subscribe for email forum account notifications of important news and events.

3. Opportunities to be listed on the clan membership ranking page and also receive promotions to even become a Head Admin of a Code404 community for a specific game.

4. Opportunities to get your media featured on the Code404 "Multimedia" homepage. If you are chosen to be featured on the page, we will also link your media channels (such as, youtube and twitch accounts) to help increase your views for your channels!

and much more. Sign up now and see for yourself!